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Friday, 14 October 2011

final exam done !
wait for result .

Saturday, 10 September 2011


   In globalization area, people against the laws to commit crime such as kidnapping,murdering and raping.thus,do you think it is right to commit crime for selfish reasons?I totally agree people commit crime for selfish reasons such as fulfill their lust,survive in life and jealousy.

  Firstly,i agree people commit crime for selfish for fulfill their lust.People feeling very lonely and they have strong desire to do crime activity such as sexual harassment towards a girl by force.For example,raping and murdering people.    

  Next,they commit crime for survive in life,without education background they could not get proper job to sustain in city with high cost that because they commit crime for selfish reason such as physical need.For example,they kidnapped people to get money and jeweler item which is valuable thing.

  Lastly,lifestyle .for example,when they see people with branded item and expensive and they feel jealousy because of that reason.Then they will tend to do crime such as robbery.
   In conclusion,i restate my stand that i agree that people commit crime for selfish reasons.

Monday, 11 July 2011

"jiwAnG" MooD

11.7.2010 ...
bla tguk date ary nie twuz refresh lek masa lalu ..
moment yg apy loly la ..
ee rindu la sama u !

aiyoo ..

Sunday, 3 July 2011

~all that i want at this time is i want my dady get well soon~
~now our family are different from the past~
~now many things are changing and i am still not comfortable at all~
~everthing i do it by myself without u ..
~i learn how to be independent~
~i know its hard for me but i try my best..
~i always pray that dady will be here with us...
~i miss u dad a lot!!!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

coment if you like but dont coment if you dont like it ..

~AcADeMic eXCeLleNce gUaRaNteE sUccEsFuL LiFe ~

Nowadays, most of the student only graduated with a excellence academic but still cannot get a good jobs.There are some people can be success in their life without excellent academic. It depends on how we create and choose the way in our life.

firstly, if we have are talent like singing and dancing we also can be success in our life. For example, Siti Nurhaliza only graduated in SPM but now she is popular singer in Malaysia and other country and she has the own product that a brand with her name.

   Secondly, people can ran a business without excellence academic and they only have too manage their business  properly. For example, we can create our business that we like such as online business .We can sell anything on online business. This application are easy and many people interested with this business.

Lastly, people must success in co-curiculum like sports.this thing can be our career in life if we expert on one of the sports such as football and badminton. For example, Datuk Lee Chong Wee is became the number one badminton player in the world. He only need a good training and confidence in his life.

 In conclusion, academic excellence not only guarantee successful life because there are many things that we can run for be success in life .

Monday, 27 June 2011

music is my soul